The School of International and Public Policy (IPP) encourages the students to take part in internship programs both in Japan and abroad through provision of financial assistance.

As a professional graduate school, the IPP considers it an important part of its mission to train the students not only to excel in their academic performance but also to improve their skills to apply their academic knowledges to solve actual problems they face in society. For this reason, the IPP encourages the students to attend internship programs both in Japan and abroad.
The students are responsible for obtaining admissions to internship programs organized by the organizations of their interest such as the Japanese government, local governments, international organizations, multinational corporations, and non-governmental organizations. The IPP office provides information about some of the internship opportunities in some of the ministries in the Japanese government.
The IPP offers financial assistance to the students who attend the internship programs that meet certain criterion to moderate their financial burden. Most of the students join unpaid internship programs. It is often costly for them to take part in those programs, especially if they wish to join the programs abroad. Josui-kai, the alumni association of the Hitotsubashi University, provides the financial support to the IPP to cover those expenses.

Preparation and Reflection
It is essential for the students to carefully examine their academic interests, skills, and career goals when selecting the internship programs. The IPP encourages the students to consult with the faculty members of their programs before applying for the programs. Upon completion of the internship programs, the students should prepare reports and give presentations in front of the faculty members and their fellow students. It will provide the students with an opportunity to seriously reflect upon their experience in the internship programs, and possibly reorient their academic plans for the rest of their time in the IPP.

Kasumigaseki Internship (The National Personnel Authority Internship Program)
The National Personnel Authority (NPA) cooperates with the other ministries and agencies in the Japanese government to offer internship opportunities for the graduate students in the schools of public policy and law schools every year. The schedule for recruitment for this Kasumigaseki Internship is as follows:
Each year, approximately ten students from the IPP join the Kasumigaseki Internship programs.

The ministries identify the assignments for the interns, and recruit the students through professional graduate schools.
Mid July.....
The ministries select the students for their programs.
July - September.....
The ministries select the students for their programs.
September - December..... The students prepare reports and presentations.
The students present their reports in a seminar at the IPP.