There are two campuses for the School of International and Public Policy at Hitotsubashi University. One is the Kunitachi campus, which is located in a quiet suburban neighborhood. The other is the Chiyoda campus, which is near the Imperial Palace in the center of Tokyo. Both campuses are strategically very important for the university.

Kunitachi Campus

kunitachi campus

First, some words on the Kunitachi campus. The administration office and lecture rooms for the School of International and Public Policy are located in the Mercury Tower on the East side of the campus. This rather new building that was designed for graduate students and scholars embodies the function and atmosphere for professional education. The Kunitachi campus offers an intellectual environment appropriate for students and scholars to consider and discuss policy issues, including the university library which exceeds other libraries in the country in the collection of social sciences.

Chiyoda Campus

kanda campus

Let us now turn to the Chiyoda campus. This campus primarily offers English lectures on public policy for students enrolled in the Asian Public Policy Program. Its location is very convenient when the Program invites practitioners from public organizations for seminars and lectures. It is our hope that the two campuses of Hitotsubashi University, the calm and quiet Kunitachi campus and the Chiyoda campus near the city center, will offer a great environment for students who wish to study at our university.