Public Economics
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Fields of specialization: Fairness, Public Policy, Social Policy
Degree: BA and MA from Hitotsubashi University. Ph.D. in economics from the Johns Hopkins University in 1992.

Received Nikkei Prize for Excellent Books in Economic Science in 2013.

Major publications:

  1. ・"The Nonexistence of Symmetric Equilibria in Anonymous Games with Compact Action Space," Journal of Mathematical Economics, vol. 24, 331-346, 1995 (with K. Rath and Y. Sun)
  2. ・"Fairness in Markets and Government Policies: A Weak Equity Criterion for Allocation Mechanisms," Hitotsubashi Journal of Economics, vol. 38, 61-78, 1997
  3. ・"Decentralization and Economic Development in Asian Countries: An Overview," Hitotsubashi Journal of Economics, vol. 41, 77-84, 2000 (with M. Sato)
  4. ・"Performance Auditing from the Viewpoints of Equity," Government Auditing Review, vol. 8, 51-62, 2001
  5. ・"The Roles of Families, Communities and Governments in Improving Socio-Economic Performances: Japanese Experiences," World Bank Institute Working Paper No. 37204, 2002
  6. ・"Decentralization and Economic Development: An Evolutionary Approach," Journal of Public Economic Theory 7(3), 2005 (with M. Sato)
  7. ・Co-authored and co-edited Japan's Transportation Network (Chuou Keizaisha, 2007, in Japanese) with Strategic Management Research Center, Daiwa Institute of Research (The Japan Transportation Association's 33rd Award for Books on Transportation in 2008)
  8. ・Economic Analysis of Families and Society: The Transformation of Japanese Society and Public Policies, Tokyo University Press, 2013 (in Japanese, The Nikkei Prize for Excellent Books in Economic Science in 2013)

Fields of specialization: Tax, Social insurance, Fiscal federalism, Fiscal Decentralization and Soft Budgets, Health Economics
Degree: BA and an MA of Economics from Hitotsubashi University, Japan. Ph.D of Economics from Queen's university at Kingston, Canada.

An associate editor of Journal of Public Economics and board member of International institute of public finance.
Served for various government services including Government tax commission.
Received Nikkei Prize for Excellent Books in Economic Science in 2004 and Economist Award (Mainichi Newspaper) in 2012.

Major publications:

  1. ・"Fiscal Externalities and Efficient Transfers in a Federal System," International Tax and Public Finance, 7(2), March 2000,"Agency and the Design of Welfare Systems," Journal of Public Economics, 73(1), July 1999 (with Robin Boadway and Nicolas Marceau)
  2. ・"Prior health expenditures and risk sharing with insurers competing on quality," Rand Journal of Economics.34 (4), pp.647-669, December 2003. (with Maurice Marchand and Erik Schokkaert)
  3. ・"Can Partial Fiscal Coordination be Welfare Worsening? A model of tax competition," Journal of Urban Economics, 54, 2003. (with Maurice Marchand and Pierre Pestieau)
  4. ・"Too big or too small? A synthetic view of the commitment problem of interregional transfers," Journal of Urban Economics Vol 64, Issue 3, November 2008, (with Nobuo Akai)
  5. ・"Optimal Tax Design and Enforcement with an Informal Sector, " American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, Vol. 1, No. 1, February 2009, page 1-27. (with Robin Boadway)
  6. ・"Optimal Income Taxation with Risky Earnings: A Synthesis" Journal of Public Economic Theory 2014 (with Robin Boadway)

Fields of specialization: Labor Economics, Applied Econometrics
Degree: B.A. and an M.A in economics from Hitotsubashi University. Ph.D. in economics from the University of Michigan.

She teaches applied econometrics and micro-economics at the School of International and Public Policy, and the Graduate School of Economics, Hitotsubashi University.

Major publications:

  1. ・"Are Wage-tenure Profiles Steeper than Productivity-tenure Profiles? -Evidence from Japanese Establishment Data from the Census of Manufacturers and the Basic Survey Wage Structure-"(with Daiji Kawaguchi, Ryo Kambayashi, Young Gak Kim, Hyeog Ug Kwon, Kyoji Fukao, Satoshi Shimizutani, Tatsuji Makino) The Economic Review Vol.58, Isuue.1, pp. 61-90, 2007.
  2. ・"Wage Distribution in Japan:1989?2003" (with Daiji Kawaguchi and Ryo Kambayashi) the Canadian Journal of Economics Vol.41, Issue 4, pp. 1329?1350, 2008.
  3. ・"Has Japan's Long-Term Employment Practice Survived? Developments Since the 1990s" (with Satoshi Shimizutani) Industrial and Labor Relations Review Vol.62, No.3, pp.313-326, 2009.
  4. ・The SAGE Handbook of Modern Japanese Studies, Chapter 16 (with Michael D. Fetters and Jonathan E. Rodnick), SAGE Publications Ltd. December 2014.
  5. ・"Why do Wages become More Rigid during a Recession than during a Boom?" IZA Journal of Labor Economics 3:6, 2014.
  6. ・"Assessing the Effects of Reducing Standard Hours: Regression Discontinuity Evidence from Japan" (with Daiji Kawaguchi and Hisahiro Naito) Journal of The Japanese and International Economies Vol.43, pp.59-76, 2017.

Fields of specialization: Health, Population, Labor Economics
Degree: Doctor, Keio University Graduate School, Division of Commerce

Major publications:

  1. ・The Dedicated Emergency Physician Model of emergency care is associated with reduced pre-hospital transportation time: A retrospective study with a nationwide database in Japan. PLoS ONE. 14(4): e0215231.
  2. ・Payment Methods and Hospital Length of Stay: A Bunching-based Evidence(jointly worked) International Journal of Health Economics and Management Vol.19,No.1,pp.53-77 2019 Academic journal ISSN 2199-9031
  3. ・The Wall for Mothers with First Graders: Availability of Afterschool Childcare and Continuity of Maternal Labor Supply in Japan Review of Economics of the Household Vol.17,No.1,pp.177-199 2019 Academic journal ISSN 1573-7152
  4. ・First Daughter Effects in Japan, Journal of the Japanese and International Economies Vol.50,pp.48-59 2018 Academic journal
  5. ・Political Cycles in Physician Employment: A Case of Japanese Local Public Hospitals(jointly worked) Social Science & Medicine Vol.216,pp.97-106 2018 Academic journal

Fields of specialization: Health Economics, Public Economics and Development Economics.
Degree: Ph.D. in Economics from University of Wisconsin, Madison in 1993.

Prior to joining Hitotsubashi University, an associate professor at the Faculty of Economics, Yokohama National University.
She also worked as a consultant at the World Bank, Inter-America Development Bank and the Ministry of Planning of the Government of Bolivia.

Major publications:

  1. ・"Protecting Our Lives through Healthcare Reform" Japan SPOTLIGHT Jan/Feb 2014 (pp.16-19)
  2. ・"Challenges in Reforming the Japanese Health Care System," The Economics of Public Health Care Reform in Advanced and Emerging Economies , International Monetary Fund (2012)
  3. ・"Did the Financial Crisis in Japan Affect Household Welfare Seriously? " (with Y. Sawada, K. Nawata, M. J. Lee) 2010 Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking 43(2-3):297-324
  4. ・"Facilitators and barriers in the humanization of childbirth practice in Japan," (with R. Behruzi, M. Hatem, W. Fraser, L. Goulet, C. Misago) BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth, 10:25 (27 May 2010)
  5. ・"Evaluation of the Inclusive Payment System Based on the Diagnosis Procedure Combination with Respect to Cataract Operations in Japan"(with K.Nawata, H.Toyama, T.Takahashi) 2009 Health 1(2):93-103.

Fields of specialization:Public Finance and Macroeconomics, Fiscal studies, Macroeconomics
Degree:Harvard University, Doctor, 1994 (Completed)

Major publications:

  1. ・Quest for Financial Stability in East Asia, Establishment of an Independent Surveillance Unit `AMRO' and Its Future Challenges(jointly worked), Public Policy Review 2018 Academic journal, ISSN 1880-0955
  2. ・An Unexpected Outcome of the Asian Financial Crisis: Is ASEAN+3 a Promising Vehicle for East Asian Monetary Cooperation? Princeton University Program on US-Japan Relations 2003

Fields of specialization:Income/Assets Distribution and Consumption Behaviors in Japan
Degree:Doctor of Philosophy (University of California at Berkeley)

Major publications:

  1. ・"Bequest Motives and the Saving Behavior of the Elderly: Empirical Evidence from a Japanese Household Survey,"(jointly worked) The Economic Analysis No.200,pp.11-36 2019 Academic journal, ISSN 0453-4727
  2. ・"Housing Wealth Effects in Japan: Evidence Based on Household Micro Data,"(jointly worked) The B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy 2019 Academic journal, ISSN 1935-1682
  3. ・"The Effect of Inheritance Receipt on Individual Labor Supply: Evidence from Japanese Microdata,"(jointly worked) Japan and the World Economy Vol.49,pp.176-186 2019 Academic journal, ISSN 0922-1425
  4. ・"The intra-family division of bequests and bequest motives: empirical evidence from a survey on Japanese households,"(jointly worked) Journal of Population Economics Vol.32,No.1,pp.309-346 2019 Academic journal, ISSN 1432-1475
  5. ・"Is there a retirement consumption puzzle in Japan? Evidence from a household panel dataset spanning several years,"(jointly worked) Applied Economics Vol.51,No.16,pp.1784 -1798 2019 Academic journal, ISSN 1466-4283

SEKINE, Toshitaka
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Fields of specialization:Central Banking, Monetary Economics, Macroeconomics
Degree:Doctor of Philosophy (Oxford University Graduate School, Division of Economics)

Major publications:

  1. ・"Chronic Deflation in Japan,"(jointly worked) Asian Economic Policy Review Vol.9,No.1,pp.20-39 2014 Academic journal
  2. ・"Another Look at Global Disinflation," Journal of the Japanese and International Economies Vol.23,No.2,pp.220-239 2009 Academic journal
  3. ・"Monetary Factors and Inflation in Japan"(jointly worked) Journal of the Japanese and International Economies Vol.22,No.3,pp.343-363 2008 Academic journal
  4. ・"Land as Production Input and Collateral: Land Investment by Japanese Firms,"(jointly worked) Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics Vol.35,No.4,pp.497-526 2007 Academic journal
  5. ・"Non-Performing Loans and the Real Economy: Japan's Experience,"(jointly worked) BIS Paper Vol.22 2005 Other
  6. ・"Firm Investment, Monetary Transmission and Balance-Sheet Problems in Japan: An Investigation Using Micro Data,"(jointly worked) Japan and the World Economy Vol.17,No.3,pp.345-369 2005 Academic journal
  7. ・"Forbearance Lending: The Case of Japanese Firms,"(jointly worked) Monetary and Economic Studies Vol.21,No.2,pp.69-92 2003 Academic journal
  8. ・"Financial Liberalization, the Wealth Effect, and the Demand for Broad Money in Japan," Monetary and Economic Studies Vol.16,No.1,pp.355-365 1998 Academic journal