Activities other than Education

Executive Program for Macroeconomics Policymakers from Asian Goverments

In 2005, the APPP began an Executive Program for Macroeconomic Policymakers of Asian governments with the funding support of the International Monetary Fund and cooperation from the Public Economics Program of the School of International and Public Policy. The Executive Program aimed to provide senior officials of Asian governments and central banks involved in macroeconomic policymaking with an opportunity to keep abreast of the latest research outcomes and academic thinking in macroeconomics and their relevance for policymaking. It gave participants in-depth perspectives on important issues affecting the Asian region and the global economy. Furthermore, the Program afforded participants opportunities for frank and open exchanges of views and experience to identify the issues of common concern in economic policymaking.
Under this Program, the first seminar was held in December 2005. The Executive Program was held twice a year for two weeks at a time, with 20 plus participants from around 10 countries attending each seminar, with the final seminar held in November/December 2010. Through the six year life of the program, the seminar was attended by 258 participants from 11 countries, creating a network of policymakers in the region.