Master's program

Master in Public Policy (Public Economics)

The Master's program at the APPP awards the degree of Master of Public Policy (Public Economics), and targets young professionals in Asian governments, central banks and other policy-related organizations. The APPP has been and continues to be an important stepping-stone for such individuals to become fully-fledged fiscal or financial economists, economic planners, policy analysts, and policymakers in their governments as well as in international organizations.

The course distinguishes itself from other graduate programs offered in the public policy area with its strong focus on economic policy, with almost all of the required and elective courses structured around economics and its applications to policy. The program aims to equip its graduates with the knowledge and skills to analyze and develop policies against a sound knowledge of economic theory.

The Program is also especially attractive for the personalized attention it provides to the students. The class sizes are quite small - at most 15 to 20, and each full-time faculty supervises around 4 students per annual intake and is able to give close guidance to the student's academic undertakings. The small size of the Program also allows students to build strong ties with their fellow students, which can last a lifetime, and will be a valuable asset in his/her career.

Since 2000, the APPP has awarded the Master's degree in Public Policy to a large number of young professionals from East, South-east, South, and Central Asian countries. Most of them have come from ministries of finance, national tax agencies, planning agencies, central banks and other public agencies. An important network of the program's graduates is emerging, spread across the Asian region.

All courses are offered in English, and provision is made for those for whom English is not their first language. The program strives to have the student body and faculty members as international as possible.

  • Hitotsubashi University
  • School of International and Public Policy