Admissions FAQs



I have part time working experience during my undergraduate study. Am I eligible to apply for APPP?

Candidates must have at least two years of full time working experience after obtaining a bachelor's degree.

My bachelor's degree is not in economics. Am I eligible to apply?

Although our preference is to have BA in economics, or related area such as business and accounting, you may apply for our program. However, candidates should have good background in economics and have studied economics during undergraduate study or later. Also, math skill is important to study economics in our program.

I would like to be a research student at the APPP.

Our program does not accept research student.

When is the application deadline for admission to APPP?

Please check application package. However, please note that if candidates seek for scholarship, selection timing is dependent on scholarship, which starts usually early summer/fall of one year before the enrollment. Applicants are strongly recommended to contact the APPP for details much earlier timing than stated in the application package.