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Fees & Scholarships


*For detailed information on scholarships, please refer to the page below.*

Apart from the fees payable to the university, including application, matriculation and tuition fees (see "How to Apply"), the costs of participating in the Program consist of round-trip airfare, housing, books and other study materials (including a personal laptop computer) and other living expenses. For planning purposes, the monthly cost of a small off-campus apartment in the suburbs of Tokyo ranges from Yen 50,000-60,000 (with a certain lump sum, up-front payment) upward. A personal computer with necessary software will cost from around Yen 100,000. Books and other study materials, and other living expenses may amount to Yen 80,000 per month.

The APPP has no independent fund for student scholarships. However, several scholarships are available for those studying at APPP. These include JDS Scholarships (currently available for applicants from the Philippines who wish to study at APPP), JICA-SDGs Scholarship Program, Japan-IMF Scholarship Program (for macroeconomics-related policy officials in most Asian countries), and Asian Development Bank Scholarship Program (for officials from ADB borrowing member countries). Japan's Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Technology Scholarship program (MEXT) and MEXT-PGP can also finance the study at APPP. In addition, scholarships are offered by the World Bank and by some Asian governments for their government officials.

The staff of the APPP work closely with these scholarship sponsor organizations in the selection of scholarship grantees. Sources of funding should be explored as early as possible (e.g. through contacts with the personnel department of the public sector institution that you currently work at, as we put priority on students who are sent from their home institutions). The website and offices of the Japanese Embassy (for MEXT), the resident representatives of JICA (for JDS and JICA-SDGs), the resident offices of international organizations (for IMF and ADB) also provide information. Applicants who are in search for scholarships are strongly suggested to contact the APPP Office as early as possible for counseling and advice, so that scholarships are secured prior to formal application to the program. Please note that typical deadline for scholarship applications is November or December of the year prior to the beginning of the academic year.



Available for nationals of developing country members of the Asian Development Bank. Please refer to the ADB website for detailed qualifications.


Available for officials of developing and emerging Asian countries working in central banks and government agencies. Please refer to the above website for detailed qualifications.


Available for officials from the Philippines.


Available for officials of developing and emerging countries.


In the case of the Japanese Government's MEXT scholarship, your application needs to be submitted first to the Japanese Embassy/Consulate located in your country, and if you successfully pass the first stage of assessment, you get in touch with APPP for further assessment of your eligibility and qualifications. Details are available in the document you will find by clicking the link above. In this document, it is stated that your English and Japanese language skills will be tested at the first stage. However, while it certainly helps your life in Japan if you can speak some Japanese, education at APPP is entirely in English, and Japanese language skills are not part of our requirements. Please make this point clear when you submit your application to the Embassy/Consulate. Also, please note that in the second stage of assessment, APPP will favor officials from central banks, financial supervisory agencies, economics-related ministries (Finance, Planning, etc.) and researchers from policy research institutions, who have strong academic background and research interest.

MEXT-The International Priority Graduate Programs (PGP) SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM

Asian Public Policy Program is one of the International Priority Graduate Program (PGP) selected by the Japan Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT). The MEXT provides PGP special scholarship allocations for International students.

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