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Hitotsubashi University

Founded in 1875, Hitotsubashi University is a national university for social sciences. Holding a leading position among Japanese universities in studies in economics and business, it has produced many governmental, commercial, financial and other leaders. It has four departments, six graduate schools, three professional schools and two research institutes, covering the disciplines of business, economics, public policy, law, and social sciences. The university has an enrollment of over 6,000 undergraduate and graduate students, and a faculty and staff numbering over 550. There is a considerable international student population, accounting for close to 10 percent of total enrollment. The university's alumni association (Josui-kai) has a strong and active network in Japan and abroard, and supports both the campus life of students and the career development of graduates.

The university's main campus is located in Kunitachi, an attractive western area of Metropolitan Tokyo, specially designated as a "cultural and educational city". With its Romanesque buildings, the site provides an ideal environment for higher education.

Hitotsubashi University also has a campus in the central area of Tokyo which is well known as the Chiyoda Campus. The students of the APPP get the opportunity to study half of the week at the modern Chiyoda Campus. Hitotsubashi University was originally founded more than 140 years ago, in an area adjacent to the Imperial Palace and the Kanda booksellers district. The new campus is a part of the new 23-storied modern building called the National Center of Sciences, which is equipped with the most modern communication technology, library, conference rooms, and other facilities.

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Asian Public Policy Program

Since 2000, the university has established a number of graduate education programs. The Asian Public Policy Program (APPP) is one of them and it was first established under the Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy in that year. When the university was reorganized in 2005, the APPP became one of four programs under the School of International and Public Policy.

The Master in Public Policy program (APPP) targets young professionals in Asian governments, central banks and other policy-related organizations. The APPP has been and continues to be an important stepping-stone for such individuals to become fully-fledged fiscal or financial economists, economic planners, policy analysts, and policymakers in their governments as well as in international organizations.

APPP has awarded the Master's degree in Public Policy to a number of qualified young professionals from East, South-east, South, and Central Asian countries. Most of these have come from ministries of finance, national tax agencies, planning agencies, central banks and other regulatory agencies.

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