03/ 5/2014 Prof. Shunsuke Kimura's Article in Hitotsubashi J. of Law and Politics

02/27/2014 Application for Foreign Service Sub-Program

  • Application for the 2014 Master's Program -- Foreign Service sub-Program (Global Governance)* is now open.
    * All courses are conducted in English.
    Application for the program must be submitted during the period from April 1 (Tuesday) to April 4 (Friday).
    Application Guideline (PDF)
    Application Form (Word)
    Application Fee: Payment Procedure(PDF)

11/19/2013 Prof. Shunsuke Kimura's Special Lecture

11/11/2013 IPP Alumni Website and Alumni Meeting

  • The 7th IPP alumni meeting was held on November 9th, 2013 at Sano-shoin, Hitotsubashi University.
    Visit IPP alumni association website for more information.

11/ 8/2013 Associate Professor S. Yamashige given award for The 56th Nikkei Prize

  • Associate Professor Shinji Yamashige was awarded the 56th Nikkei Prize for Excellent Books in Economic Science, Japan Center for Economic Research. for his book "Economic Analysis of Families and Society: The Transformation of Japanese Society and Public Policies" (in Japanese, University of Tokyo Press, 2013) on November 3.

09/13/2013 Prof. Akira Ariyoshi at AFS-JICA seminar

  • Prof. Akira Ariyoshi delivered a keynote speech at AFS-JICA seminar "What Have We Learned from the Crises? The Debate on Macroeconomic and Financial Policies"from August 28 to 30, 2013. (AFS is the Academy of Financial Studies of the Ministry of Finance and Planning of Sri Lanka.) He also advised JICA in its efforts to support the staff training programs by the Ministry of Finance and Planning in Sri Lanka.

09/11/2013 Prof. Watanabe's article in Japan Spotlight

08/15/2013 Coping with Capital Inflow Surges (Prof. Ariyoshi)

  • Prof. Akira Ariyoshi's paper
    An invited paper by Prof. Akira Ariyoshi, "Coping with Capital Inflow Surges: Reviewing the IMF's New 'Institutional View' was published in the inaugural issue of the Japanese Journal of Monetary and Financial Economics.

07/15/2013 Associate Prof. Toshihiko Aono's book

  • Associate Prof. Toshihiko Aono's book
    Associate Professor Toshihiko Aono was awarded the 18th Shimizu Hiroshi Award of The Japanese Association for American Studies for his book "The Cold War and the Western Alliance during the Crisis Years,"(in Japanese, Yuhikaku 2012) on July 12, 2013.