03/23/2015 Professor Shunsuke Kimura

  • 3/20 - Contributed "Local Administration in English VIII 'Motivation in Public Management' (James L. Perry & Annie Hondeghem) to International Cultural Training 2015 Spring vol. 87 (published by Japan Intercultural Academy of Municipalities).

03/13/2015 Professor Hiroshi Ukai

  • At the request of JICA, hosted seminar on 3/10 aimed to understand systemic risk in financial systems at the Vietnam National Financial Supervisory Commission (NFSC) (approximately 50 people from NFSC attended). Professor Ukai gave a lecture entitled "Towards Effective Assessment of Risks in the Financial System from Macroprudential Perspective," which led to a lively discussion with Professors Masahiko Takeda and Yasuhiro Maehara, following an explanation from NFSC staff on Vietnam's "Financial Market Overview."

03/13/2015 Professor Akira Ariyoshi

  • On 3/12 and 3/13 the IMF (Asia Pacific Ocean Regional Office) and Hitotsubashi University (Asia Public Policy Program) co-hosted a two-day seminar entitled "Inequality: What has been happening, why it matters and what can be done," to which executives from IMF and ADB and senior policy executives from Asia were invited.

02/27/2015 Professor Shunsuke Kimura

  • 2/27 - Contributed "Goals and Reforms of Current Japanese Local Tax System" to the Hitotsubashi Journal of Law and Politics, Vol. 43

02/27/2015 Professor Akira Ariyoshi

  • Proceedings from a conference co-hosted by the Asian Development Bank Institute, the Financial Services Agency, and the International Monetary Fund, in which Professor Ariyoshi was invited to speak, were published as "Financial System Stability, Regulation, and Financial Inclusion," ADB Institute Series on Development Economics (Spring 2015).

01/27/2015 Professor Shunsuke Kimura

  • 1/23 (Fri) - Gave English lecture "Decentralization and Local Public Finance in Asian Three Countries" at the 4th International Seminar of the Decentralization Reform Research Project, hosted by the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies.

01/22/2015 Associate Professor Shinji Yamashige

  • Policy paper"Population Crisis and Family Policies in Japan"published in University of Tokyo Journal of Law and Politics, vol.11, pp. 108-128, 2014. This paper summarizes in essay form what was reported at the"Ireland-Japan Social Science Symposia: shaping the future of the welfare society in Europe and Japan,"held in June 2014.

01/14/2015 Application for Foreign Service Sub-Program (2015)

12/26/2014 Associate Professor Shinji Yamashige

  • Joint paper developed from public economy program graduate Chizuko Nakagawa's consulting project, "Societal Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of the 21-Gene Assay in Estrogen- Receptor-Positive, Lymph-Node-Negative Early-Stage Breast Cancer in Japan," published in BMC Health Services Research 14: 372, 2014.

12/19/2014 IPP Reference Room Long-term Loans

12/17/2014 Professor Shunsuke Kimura

  • Acted as judge and commentator for the ISFJ (Inter-University Seminar for the Future of Japan) Policy Forum 2014, national convention regional policy subcommittee (Meiji University Liberty Tower) on 12/13/2014.

12/12/2014 Professor Kyoji Kawasaki

  • [10/20 - 10/23] Gave report entitled "Challenges and Prospects for the Nuclear Safety and Liability Regimes in Japan after Fukushima" at the convention of the International Nuclear Law Association, held in Buenos Aires, Argentina ("Nuclear Inter Jura 2014").
    [11/8 - 11/9] Gave report entitled "The annexation of Crimea by Russia viewed from an international law perspective, and responses from the international community and Europe" at the 35th annual Japan EU Society (2014) study competition, held at Rissho University (Shinagawa Campus).

11/20/2014 Professor Hiroshi Ukai

  • Lectured and provided education and guidance to staff lecturers in attendance on "macroeconomic policy management" from 9/5 to 9/12 at the State Bank of Vietnam as part of "staff capacity building support for policy planning and management capacity building of the State Bank of Vietnam," which Hitotsubashi University and JICA have agreed on (approximately 30 leaders participated).
    Lectured and provided education and guidance to staff lecturers in attendance on "monetary policy" from 11/7 to 11/14 at the State Bank of Vietnam as part of the "staff capacity building support for policy planning and management capacity building of the State Bank of Vietnam," which Hitotsubashi University and JICA have agreed on (approximately 30 leaders participated).

11/16/2014 Professor Shunsuke Kimura

  • Gave English lecture on "trends of local government systems in Japan " at the Local Government Exchange and Cooperation Seminar (organized by the Sydney Office, Council of Local Authorities for International Relations) (Six leaders in attendance including Ipswich (Australia) Economy and Development Chief, Tawonga Civil Division Chief, city councilor (Perth), and Gore (New Zealand) Human Resources Management Division Head).

11/ 7/2014 Professor Motohiro Sato

  • Responsible for the autumn Cabinet Office Administrative Business Review.

11/ 7/2014 IPP 10th Anniversary Symposium & Alumni Reunion

10/24/2014 Professor Masahiko Takeda

  • Co-authored a background paper with Professor Hiroshi Ukai ("Evenhandedness of FSAPs") at the request of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for the review of the Financial Sector Assessment Program (FSAP), which the IMF provides to member countries every five years. The paper was used as input for the IMF Executive Board discussion, and was published on the IMF website in late September.

10/22/2014 Professor Shunsuke Kimura

  • 10/14 - Contributed article "Local Administration in English VII: 'Shrinking Cities' (Karina Pallagst, Routledge) to International Cultural Training (2014 Autumn vol. 85, Japan Intercultural Academy of Municipalities)

10/16/2014 Professor Satoshi Watanabe

  • Served as event leader per request from the OECD for an OECD Event (September 29 - October 3, yearly theme: VAT) at the National Tax Agency's ISTAX (International Tax Administration Seminar).

10/10/2014 Professor Akira Ariyoshi

  • Participated as panelist at the October 9 seminar held in Washington as part of the IMF/ World Bank general assembly program, "Building Future Capacity: Drawing on Fifty Years of Experience," along with the Ugandan Minister of Finance, the president of the central bank of Bangladesh, and the British Under-Secretary of the Department for International Development.

10/10/2014 Professor Shunsuke Kimura

  • 10/9/2014 - Gave lecture on the "outline of local government systems in Japan" at the Council of Local Authorities for International Relations, Local Government Exchange and Cooperation Seminar 2014 (cities under management of London office) (Ten UK local government leaders in attendance, including Rugby City Secretary General Ian Davis and Guardian reporter Liam Kelly).

09/17/2014 Professor Setsuko Kawahara

  • Participated as panelist in the workshop "Disaster Relief and the Japan-US alliance" (co-sponsored by the Japan Center for International Exchange and the United States Asia Institute) on September 12 (Fri).

09/ 5/2014 Professor Akira Ariyoshi

  • Participated as lecturer at the JICA-AFS seminar conducted as part of the intellectual support of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) for the AFS (Academy of Financial Studies) Training Institute under the umbrella of the Sri Lanka Financial Planning Ministry in Colombo on September 1st. Gave a lecture titled "The World Economy: Outlook and Issues."

09/ 1/2014 Lecturer Izumi Yokoyama

  • Paper titled "Why do Wages become More Rigid during a Recession than during a Boom?" published in the IZA Journal of Labor Economics 2014, 3:6.

08/26/2014 Prof. Setsuko Kawahara's Lecture at GRIPS

04/30/2014 Prof. Shunsuke Kimura's Lecture at GRIPS

04/ 4/2014 Prof. Kawasaki's article in the Proceeding of INLA

  • Professor Kyoji Kawasaki's article "Introductory Statement: Japanese Experience in Nuclear Liability Compensation after Fukushima Incident," was published in Nuclear Law in the EU and Beyond (Christian Raetzke ed., Nomos, 2014, pp.327-331) , which is the proceedings of the AIDN / INLA Regional Conference 2013 in Leipzig.