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第9回:ノーベル経済学賞受賞者 特別講演会 
Moral Reasoning, Markets and Organizations 

◎ Students' Voices


  • This is my first time to join seminars in this university. Since I’m majoring in social sciences, the lecture itself is a bit difficult to understand, but it is a very good opportunity to listen to a wonderful professor. Thank you.
  • Very stimulating presentation with relevant critical examples. 
  • Very impressive for me to learn his lecture, which is like a fusion of philosophy and economics. Thank you very much for holding this interesting lecture!
  • I specialize in Economics, but I have not understood why we should study Economics well. In the question session, I could understand it.
  • “How can we apply economics to real worlds?” That question and answers were really interesting.
  • I could learn economics approach and other social science approach. I will make efforts to get a “tool box” for making the world better place.
  • It was great to participate in a seminar by Professor Tirole. Being an economic graduate student, it was very nice to reconsider what it means to be an economist, and I will keep thinking this question even after graduating from university. 
  • I thought that I’m glad that I have been studying Econ.
  • I’m still confused about the mission of economists. They don’t define what the morality is, just tell others how to do efficiently based on their definition of morality?
  • I’ll major in competition policy. Today’s seminar is very interesting and useful for me. It’s a wonderful time. I am grateful for professor and everyone.
  • This seminar was very interesting for me. Thank you.
  • Professor’s presentation is really interesting from non-economic background student.
  • It was a really interesting lecture. I hope we could have more chances to attend this kind of seminar.
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