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12/14/2015 Lecturer Izumi Yokoyama

  • Paper entitled "The Effect of Exchange Rate Fluctuations on Employment in a Segmented Labor Market?" (with Kazuhito Higa and Daiji Kawaguchi) published in RIETI Discussion Paper Series 15-E-139.

11/26/2015 Professor Shunsuke Kimura

  • 11/24 - Gave lecture on and led discussion on "local government systems in Japan" at the "London Local Government Exchange and Cooperation Seminar" hosted by Council of Local Authorities for International Relations.
    10 leaders in attendance including London City Council Secretariat Deputy Director, Aberdeen City Manager of Elderly Medical Affairs, Content coordinator at The Guardian, Reigate and Banstead City Customer Communications Manager, and Waverley City Management Director.

11/12/2015 Professor Hiroshi Ukai

  • Attended the 17th Macro Conference (co-hosted by TCER, Keio University, Tokyo University, Hitotsubashi University, and Osaka University) from 11/7 - 11/8, and gave report on paper entitled "Transmission Channels and Welfare Implications of Unconventional Monetary Easing Policy in Japan."