List of the Title of Master's Thesis

Class of 2012

Thesis Title Best Thesis Award Academic Advisor
Measuring Indonesia Shadow Economy : MIMIC Approach Analysis    Ariyoshi
Analysing the inpact of Cash and in-kind transfers to Household business start-ups in Vietnam    Ii
Drivers and Patterns of Capital Flows to Emerging Market Economies Ariyoshi
The Impact of International Remittances on Economic Growth : Case of Vietnam    Takeda
The Determinant of FDI in China    Takeda
Monetary Policy Transmission Mechanisms in Kazakhstan : The Interest Rate Channel    Kunieda
DSGE Model Based Forecasting in Mongolia    Ii
Tax Knowledge, Taxpayers Attitude and Tax Compliance in Indonesia Kunieda
The Effect of Intergovernmental Transfer to Net Worth and Public Debt in Indonesia    Takeda
Impact of exports on economic growth in Central Asia    Takeda
Impacts of the 2010-2011 Surge in Several Commodities' Prices on Poverty in Indonesia: a CGE Analysis    Ii
Testing Phillips Curve for Vietnam    Ariyoshi
The Impact on Output of Real estate Cycles in China    Ii
Should Cambodia Move Toward De-dollarization?    Kunieda
Factor Analysis on Regional Development of Insurance Industry: Evidence from China's Provincial Panel Data    Ii
Hypothesis of Expansionary Fiscal Consolidation in Vietnam : A Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium Approach    Kunieda
The impact of tax rate unification on FDI in China    Kunieda
  • Hitotsubashi University
  • School of International and Public Policy