List of the Title of Master's Thesis

Class of 2007

Thesis Title Best Thesis Award Academic Advisor
Public Debt Sustainability in Transition Economies    KUNIEDA
The Impact of Fiscal Decentralization and Health Delivery Outcome: Evidence from China    II
The Information Content of the he Information Content of the Interest Term Structure for Monetary Policy Formulation    ASANUMA
The Effect of Personal Income Tax on Labor Supply in Indonesia    MAEHARA
Analysis of Equilibrium Real Exchange Rate of the Renminbi    MAEHARA
The Role of Government on Economic Growth and Income Equality    ASANUMA
Is the Philippine Growth Pro-Poor?    II
Efficiency analysis of SOE' ownership and reform    II
Determinants of Inequality in Vietnam    KUNIEDA
Poverty dynamics: An empirical study on the vulnerability to poverty of households in Vietnam    II
The Marginal Stockholder Tax Rates in Indonesia    KUNIEDA
Inflation Dynamics and Expectations under Inflation Targeting: Evidence from the Philippines    MAEHARA
Stock Market Channel of Monetary Policy Transmission: The Empirical Evidence of China    ASANUMA
The Diagnosis of Dutch Disease symptoms in Mongolia and the Rationale of Stabilization Fund: An Experience and PolicyOptions    ASANUMA
China's Bilateral Trade Balances and The RMB exchange rate    KUNIEDA
Housing Price Determinants in China: Fundamental or not?    KUNIEDA
The Effect Analysis of Securities Transaction Taxes on Volatility of China's Stock Market. MAEHARA
  • Hitotsubashi University
  • School of International and Public Policy