List of the Title of Master's Thesis

Class of 2019

Thesis Title Best Thesis Award Academic Advisor
Financial Inclusion and Rural Households' Vulnerability to Poverty in Vietnam Hori
Underemployment in the Philippines    Ii
The Dominant Currency Pricing Paradigm: Evidence From the Kyrgyz Republic    Hori
Determinants of the Low Female Labor Force Participation and Employment Status in Myanmar (Burma)    Ii
Gender Composition of Employment and Labor Productivity: A Study on Firms in Myanmar    Hori
Estimating Lao Quarterly Gross Domestic Product    Nemoto
The Impact of Capital Structure on Firm Performance: Evidence from Vietnam    Hori
Migration, Remittances and Their Microlevel Impacts on Vietnamese Household Welfare    Nemoto
A Study of the Financial Action Task Force Listings and Their Implications for Japan    Nemoto
Evaluation of Public Services and Amenities in Highly Urbanized Cities in the Philippines    Hori
The Impact of Tourism Flows on Regional Economic Growth in the Philippines    Ii
The Impact of Intergovernmental Fiscal Transfer on Local Government Spending in Nepal    Ii
The Impact of Intergovernmental Fiscal Transfer in Indonesia    Ii
Corporate Governance and Firm Performance: The Case of Vietnam    Nemoto
  • Hitotsubashi University
  • School of International and Public Policy