List of the Title of Master's Thesis

Class of 2009

Thesis Title Academic Advisor
An Analysis of Fiscal Sustainability: Evidence from Indonesia Maehara
The Impact of Fiscal Decentralization on Regional Economic Growth in Indonesia Ii
The Determinants of Housing Prices in Mongolia: Bubble or Burst? Maehara
Flat Personal Income Tax in Kyrgyzstan: Effects on Labor Supply and Income Distribution Kunieda
Estimating the Net Effects of Financial Liberalization in Malaysia: Growth vs. Crises Ariyoshi
Attracting FDI: An Empirical Study on the Influence of Fiscal Incentives in Asian Countries Ii
External Debt and Economic Growth: The Study of Vietnam Ii
Sustaining Private Investment in Sri Lanka: An Analysis of the Impact of Ethnic Conflict Maehara
Realizing Implicit Taxes: The Case of Indonesia Kunieda
Privatization in the Kyrgyz Republic: Determinants of Sales Prices Ariyoshi
Infrastructure and the Philippine Economy: The Impacts on Growth Ariyoshi
Is Exchange Rate Policy Effective in the Vietnam Economy? Kunieda
Theoretical and Empirical Study of Chinese Export Tax Rebates Ii
Judging China's Fiscal Sustainability: Traditional and Balance Sheet Approaches Ariyoshi
  • Hitotsubashi University
  • School of International and Public Policy