List of the Title of Master's Thesis

Class of 2018

Thesis Title Best Thesis Award Academic Advisor
Local Government Spending and Poverty:The Case of Indonesia 2016 to 2017    Nemoto
The Impact of Foreign and State Ownership on Stock Liquidity: Evidence from Vietnam    Nemoto
The Impact of Tax Structures on Economic Growth: Empirical Evidence from a Panel of OECD and CIS countries    Hori
An Economic Analysis of Public Hospital Reforms in Japan    Ii
CO2 Emissions Embodied in Vietnam's Exports: An Input-Output Analysis    Ii
The Effect of Temporary Tax Cut Policies on Firm Performance: Quasi-experimental Evidence from Vietnam    Hori
The Main Determinants of Bank Stability. Evidence from the Uzbekistan Banking Sector Ii
Determinants for Household Saving Behavior in Thailand: Empirical Evidence from Survey Data    Hori
Gender and Access to Finance: The Case of Firms in Malaysia    Nemoto
The Digital Economy and Income Inequality: Evidence from China Hori
Remittances, Interventions and the Dutch Disease: Evidence from the Kyrgyz Republic    Ii
Gravity Model of Remittance: The Case of Bangladesh    Nemoto
The Effect of Regulatory Reforms for Shadow Banking on Foreign Holdings of Debt Securities    Hori
  • Hitotsubashi University
  • School of International and Public Policy