List of the Title of Master's Thesis

Class of 2015

Thesis Title Best Thesis Award Academic Advisor
Identifying Key Determinants of Bank Profitability: The Case of Uzbekistan    Ariyoshi
Minimum Wage Policy in the Philippines and Its Impact on Employment and Wages    Takeda
Effects of the US Monetary Policy Shocks on a Dollarized Economy: Evidence from Cambodia    Ii
Monetary Determinants of Foreign Currency Deposits in Cambodia    Kunieda
Determining the Monetary Dynamics of Inflation: The Case of Bangladesh    Takeda
The Impact of Program Keluarga Harapan on School Enrollment in Indonesia    Ii
The Dynamic Relationship among Macroeconomic Volatility, Capital Account Liberalization and Financial Development: Evidence from Thailand    Ii
Does Capital Account Liberalization Drive Income Inequality in ASEAN Countries?    Kunieda
Small and Medium Sized Enterprise's Financial Accessibility and Employment Decision: Firm-Level Analysis in Vietnam    Kunieda
Budget deficits and inflation: the case of Sri Lanka    Kunieda
The Efficiency of Policy Rate Pass-Through in Vietnam    Ariyoshi
How Do Institutions Affect Firm Performance in Transition Economies: Evidences from Vietnam Ariyoshi
The effectiveness of loan-to-value ratio regulation on housing credit expansion in Thailand    Takeda
The Dynamic Nature of the Interest Rate Channel of Monetary Policy in Mongolia    Takeda
The Inflation - Economic Growth Nexus: Estimating the Inflation Threshold in Vietnam    Takeda
Japanese ODA's Effect on Japanese FDI to Developing Asian Countries    Ariyoshi
  • Hitotsubashi University
  • School of International and Public Policy